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The Compromised Church

The Compromised Church

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This is a commercial piece designed as a magazine cover or the cover page for an article. It could also be used for projection if desired. This image is based on the idea that many churches today have been compromised and are thus unbiblical. They represent a real danger to people who are seeking and may not be able to discern what is good teaching from bad… what is truth and what has been adulterated.

Initially it was titled “The Modern Church” but it seemed that it might be an image used for an article by a secular publication with an anti-church bent. That made sense as the image seems to have a ‘cult of personality’ feel. The person, presumably the pastor, is sinister somehow. He is charismatic and inviting… seemingly powerful… but the unnaturally bright blue eyes are disturbing and the storm in the background makes one pause. Because I wanted the image to come from a Christian context, not a secular one, I switched the title and the whole thing popped.

I did a lot of experimenting with ‘New Adjustment Layers’ in Photoshop for this piece. That was the whole point really. It began as an exercise and then built into a finished piece quit by surprise. All the parts of the image are free stock files grabbed from various locations.


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